Words that Changed the World


Congratulations to Kellon on his first time leading a club meeting! Being Toastmaster is something a member can do after they have filled almost every other role in a meeting. Since Toastmasters meetings have a bit of structure, it can mean that it takes a little preparation to lead a full meeting. Each meeting involves a little planning and preparation and it is always easier after you’ve done it once and know what to expect. Kellon did a fantastic job preparing the agenda, pulling together talking points on his chosen theme, and managing the time and activities for the evening. Throughout the meeting Kellon shared various times in history when words have been used to shape events, impact people, and drive change. His question of the day asked each person to introduce themself and share words that impacted them.

Tim delivered the first speech of the evening with a speech about John Muir, “Father of National Parks”. Tim outlined the impact that John Muir has had with his words, actions, and legacy on outdoor recreation. In addition to his advocacy for preservation of wilderness, John Muir was an author who wrote about his own outdoor journeys. Tim’s research, structure, and delivery of his speech were excellent and left us all with new knowledge.

Lionel did our 2nd speech of the evening about skydiving. A couple of weeks prior to this meeting Lionel gave and impromptu speech and based on the feedback from that speech, he prepared a new version of the speech, He outlined several things to take into consideration for considering a tandem skydive including the equipment, training, and how the tandem dive works. He did a great job with visuals, especially given the virtual environment!

Bill led our Table Topics session with fun questions including: What character in a movie do you wish you could be? What is a moment in your life that you would describe as ethereal or being just right even for a moment? What villain would you like to be? What challenge has surprised you? What is the biggest risk you have taken?

We did not have a Debate tonight because our agenda was full with other activities. Our Word of the Day was “ethereal”.

We had 13 attendees with 2 guests. Thank you all for attending!