Winter Recreation



Tim led our meeting with his debut performance as our host and Toastmaster! He did an excellent job and chose an informative theme of “Winter Recreation” for the evening. Throughout the meeting he outlined the status and happenings at local winter recreation areas including:

  • Snoqualmie / The Summit– Season pass holders only as of today. Single day tickets will require reservations. Both downhill & cross country (XC)
  • Crystal – currently open to season pass holders, and everyone must make reservation to ski. The first weekend opening for a day ticket is not until late Feb.
  • Stevens – opening day is 12/4 but only for season pass holders, and reservations are required. Day tickets become available on 12/8 and you have to reserve days for snowboarding. Nordic tracks also available.
  • Important: he reminded us to always check the Avalance Forecast before going out to enjoy any snowsports.
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Miguel led our debate with one team arguing that staying indoors during winter is better, and the other team arguing that being outdoors as much as possible during winter is best. Both sides gave great arguments outlining pros and cons defending their position.

Harry led our Table Topics session as part of one of his Pathways assignments to fine tune his listening skills. His questions to various attendees included:

  • What new winter activity would you like to try this winter?
  • What do you like most about winter?
  • What do you dislike most about winter?
  • What is your favorite winter outdoor activity?



In lieu of speeches we heard from our Club President, Harry, who outlined the results and feedback from our recent club survey. Some highlights from the survey results:

Meeting Logistics

  • Large majority of members prefer to keep meeting duration at 1.5 hours
  • All members prefer to keep the 5min break during meeting.
  • 83% prefer that we keep meetings scheduled for 1x/week. This allows plenty of opportunity to attend but people do not need to commit to attending weekly.
  • 90% of people are happy with the planning tool (google sheets)
  • 90% of people answered yes or maybe to doing a (virtual) social event aside from mtgs

Key Questions – were related to how members would like to be supported including to assess what members would like from the club. Things such as:

  • help with speech topics/preparation
  • encouragement/accountability in completing chosen Pathway
  • coaching/mentoring – almost everyone is interested in a mentor, and over 50% of people are interested in being a mentor.
  • help with navigating or understanding pathways

Favorite Meeting Activities

CC540 Admin | Chamber Club 540

Finally some general feedback about satisfaction with and suggestions for the club.

Additional free-text feedback themes included overall happiness with the club in terms of culture/vibe, organization, and supportive leadership. Most of the suggestions for improvement were related to helping members clearly navigate the Pathways programs. Officers understand this feedback and will be actively working to find ways to support members with learning and navigating Pathways effectively.



Vinod was our General Evaluator and provided great feedback on the meeting and on Tim’s first time leading our club meeting. Vinod’s evaluation team included Kathrine as Timer, Chloe as Ah/Mute-Counter, and Shayan with our Word of the Day (con·fer [verb: grant or bestow OR have discussions; exchange opinions.

We had 10 attendees with 1 guest.

Thank you all for attending!