Molly was our Toastmaster for the evening and she led us through history, types of matches, format and structure of matches, fashion including requirement to wear all white. Some interesting facts about Wimbledon: there were no women in early tournaments. Wimbledon starting with 22 male competitors in 1877. It was recently cancelled due to coronavirus concerns, and it was last cancelled during WWII. The Question of the Day for introductions: “What is your favorite sport or hobby, in one sentence. Our members have a range of favorites including: soccer, snowboarding, cricket, rock climbing, hiking, tennis, volleyball, biking, skiing, and baseball.

We typically have a speaker who presents a planned speech but Molly switched things up a bit tonight. She found an excellent speech online that we all watched so that we could practice our evaluation skills. The speech was by a World Champion Toastmaster and is quite entertaining.

Bill was our Debate Master with an on-theme topic and asked assigned teams to argue points to support two opposing positions: it was a good decision to cancel Wimbledon this year versus it was a bad decision to cancel Wimbledon this year. Each team had 3 people with 30-45 seconds to argue their points. Debate is 1 of 2 opportunities we have in a typical meeting to practice impromptu speaking on an assigned topic.

Patrice led our Table Topics session using a fun party game with question cards. Questions included: tell us about a meaningful encounter with a stranger, tell us about a time that you bragged about yourself, tell us about and encounter with something you could not explain, tell us about someone who came to your rescue, and tell us a story about a time that you tested your courage.

Our Word of the Day was used several times throughout the evening. WOTD: Eschew – (v). To deliberately avoid

We had 11 attendees including one guest who joined the club during the meeting! Welcome Kathrine!

Thank you all for attending.