Virtual Meetings


Happy St Patrick’s day to all. Our first virtual meeting, due to the covid19 pandemic, went well overall.

Harry led our meeting using the video conference tool: Zoom. He did a great job getting things set up ahead of time and providing availability before the call to help with questions or technical issues. Thank you to Harry for this extra support for the club members!

We heard 2 Ice Breaker speeches tonight from Jamie and Bill. The Ice Breaker is the first prepared speech on any Pathway for a new member and the goal is for the speeach to serve as an introduction of the new member to the club.. Jamie’s speech was about her previous nicknames. Bill’s speech was about his history with technology.

Linus led our debate with a relevant question: “Which is better, virtual or face-to-face meetings?” Face-to-face won.

We had 10 attendees including our area director and one guest.