The Enneagram


Patrice led our meeting and introduced many of our members and guests to the Enneagram, which is an interesting model for typing personalities and understanding interpersonal relations. Some of our attendees were already very familiar and others had never heard of it.

Louise, one of our experienced toastmasters, gave the first speech titled “So You’re Anxious About Public Speaking” and outlined techniques for managing anxiety in preparing and delivering a speech.

Patrick, one of our club coaches, delivered an interesting speech called “I Know What I Saw”, about a paranormal experience he had years ago which has stuck with him.

Linus led our debate with a theme-relevant discussion on whether or not the Enneagram is a helpful model to help understanding different personality types.

Dave led Table Topics and included questions about the most beautiful placed a person visited, what would you name your boat, and do you believe more in coincidence or synchronicity.

We had 15 people with 5 guests. One person joined and 2 others are planning to join!

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