Staying Healthy


Patrice led our meeting as Toastmaster with a theme of Staying Healthy. She kicked off the meeting with a round of introductions and inviting people to share the ways that they are staying healthy during this covid19 crisis. Some ideas from our members on staying healthy:

  • get outside
  • go for walks, walk the dog
  • virtual bootcamps
  • social distancing
  • wash hands
  • mindful eating
  • rest
  • use mild soap
  • use a home workout plan
  • Use youtube or apps to help with fitness, mindfulness/meditation, and keeping your mind engaged: dual lingo, elevate, down dog yoga, headspace
  • leverage meditation or prayer for mental and heart health
  • connect with people on phone, video call

We had 2 speeches during our meeting. One was an Ice Breaker speech which is the first prepared speech for new members. Kellon gave a great introduction outlining the various places he has lived as well as how he has developed and maintained a social network through his formative and adult years. He gave some insight into some challenges and learnings as well as life priorities and future plans.

Tim gave our 2nd speech titled “My Bill of Health” which was very on-theme for our meeting. He outlined three “pillars” of health that he is mindful of to stay healthy: physical, mental, and environmental. He did a great job of structuring his speech with interesting storytelling and wrapped up with positivity.

Molly led our debate which was whether Exercise OR Diet is more important in staying healthy. We had 4 people on each team and the “diet” side won the debate with persuasive arguments.

Harry has done a great job of provided online tools to submit private evaluations and a poll tool for voting. Thank you Harry!

Business meeting covered:

  • One induction – welcome to the club, Bill!
  • Virtual meetings will continue through April. The officers corodinated a vote via email and approved a motion to continue meeting virutally through at least the month of April due to coronavirus concerns and social distancing guidance.
  • Club deals are still available! Club members donate services or product, often at discounted rates, and proceeds go to the club to pay for space and events. Inquire for details of offers which include and are not limited to 50% off of a resume revision, dog sitting, yard work.

Since we had 2 speeches and an induction, we did not do Table Topics during this meeting.

Books mentioned during the meeting:

  • Learned Optimism
  • After the Blast
  • Mental Game of Baseball

Thank you to our 12 attendees including one guest for joining!

Diana will be our Toastmaster next week, theme is TBA. and will be updated on the website, Facebook group, and Linked In group.