Social Connecting


Louise led our meeting and provided helpful tips and insights on how to stay socially connecting during our “stay-at-home” order due to the covid19 pandemic. She talked about ways to stay in touch with family and friends in addition to preventing boredom and challenges with emotional well-being.

Patrick led our Table Topics session with relevant questions about things to do during the “lock-down”. Questions included: How do you stay in shape and exercise during lockdown? Coronavirus has ruined vacations, where do you want to go once things settle down? If you could watch any video/streaming content for free, what would it be? If you could stream any series ever made, what show would it be?

Miguel led our debate with an interesting topic derived from recent news event about people buying out and hoarding toilet paper. The debate question: toilet paper or bidet?

Thank you to 13 people and 1 guest for joining us virtually! Next meeting is Tues 3/31 – Patrice will lead with a theme of “Staying Healthy”.