School, football, and work. Oh, my!

Dave, tonight’s Toastmaster, introduced our theme of “School, football, and work. Oh, my!”

Chris gaves us a motivational speech from an advanced Toastmasters’ speaking project. He took us from Plato’s allegory of the cave, through the story of Mary “Mother” Jones’s keeping her convictions despite many adversities. We learned the equation, E + R = O or Event plus Response equals Outcome. Chris challenged us all to find our own conviction, focus on it with intention, attention, and energy, while also allowing in some chaos to instigate change in our lives.

We explored the topics of school, football, and work again in an extemporaneous speaking opportunity, lead by Dianna.

Mark then brought us to debate the proposition that “Autumn is the best season”.

Louise, our General Evaluator, took us to school. Diana came back to the podium to evaluate Chris’s speech. Molly reported on our use of time. Lauren, having listened to our many, er… um… like, you know… filler sounds, let us know how we did avoiding these, or, as we learned, how many of them still inhabit our spoken word.

Our thanks go out to Jordan, who came to visit a second time, and to Matt who visited us for his first Toastmasters’ meeting.

See you after Labor Day.