Saint Patrick’s Day Tales


Molly was tonight’s Toastmaster with a theme of “Saint Patrick’s Day Tales.” Molly first discussed the origins of Saint Patrick’s Day, as Saint Patrick was the foremost patron saint of Ireland. Saint Patrick was brought to Ireland as a slave at age 16, later escaped, but then returned to Ireland and was credited with bringing Christianity to its people. Legend has it that Patrick explained the holy trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) using the three leaves of the native Irish clover, the shamrock.

Molly talked about leprechauns being an icon of Saint Patrick’s Day, and how in Celtic folktales they were cranky souls, responsible for mending the shoes of other fairies. Leprechauns were known for their trickery, which they often used to protect their much-fabled treasure. Molly then went on to discuss three tales associated with Saint Patrick’s Day titled Brinn the Maker, The Snake Husband, and The Ash Tree. She concluded the meeting by talking about the Irish in America, how they weren’t treated well by Americans after pouring into the country following the Great Potato Famine in Ireland in 1845. This began to change, however, when the American Irish realized their large and growing numbers gave them a political power. They started to organize, and their voting block known as the “green machine”, became an important swing vote for political hopefuls. This was a major turning point for them.

While there was no speaker for the evening, the group enjoyed lively debate and table topics sessions. Harry led the debate session with a fun theme: There is a stereotype that the Irish people are heavy drinkers. The pro side argued the Irish are heavy drinkers, while the con side argued the Irish are not heavy drinkers. The con side won the debate.

Tim was our Table Topics Master with some engaging questions: Do you believe in leprechauns? If not, are there other cultural icons you’d like to exist?; Who is someone you’d like to visit when it’s okay to travel again?; What is a speech topic you’re looking forward to talking about?; What is the last book you read?; and, What is a personality trait you’re working on?

Our word of the day was fortuitous, an adjective, meaning happening by accident or chance rather than design.

We had seven attendees, including one guest. Thank you all for your participation!