Quarantine Historical Stories


Molly led with a relevant theme, Quarantine Historical Stories. It was inspiring to hear about the many accomplishments throughout history by people who were going through a pandemic or quarantine related hardship. Molly’s theme included a historical review of various world pandemics and other situations requiring quarantine. Some accomplishments include the writing of Les Miserables and various other works of art. Frida Kahlo and Eduard Munch.

To open the meeting we heard from attendees about what they’ve been doing to stay busy. Answers included: projects around the house, organizing, netflix/steaming tv, joining video apps/calls, exercising, yoga, dancing, working out, walking the dog, cooking, baking, working more than usual, and sleeping.

Patrick gave a prepared speech titled “Acres of Diamonds”. Patrick is an experience Toastmaster and one of our two club coaches. He is an excellent storyteller and his speeches are infused with humor and positive themes. Patrick demonstrated great physical “presence” during his speech, even though we are virtual, with his expression and effective gestures. It can be tricky to translate one’s usual physical expressions to the digital medium and Patrick did a great job.

Diana led our debate with an off-theme topic relevant to some of the discussion that happened before the meeting started: Is it better to have dogs on or off leash? Passionate arguments were made on both sides by members who may or may not have agreed with their assigned side.

Harry ran our Table Topics session and asked interesting questions of individual attendees (this can be either members or opted-in guests) and allowing 1-2 minutes to answer and elaborate.

Kellon provided our word of the day: Gumption is a noun meaning shrewd or spirited initiative and resourcefulness. The word was used at least 6 times throughout the meeting, which is a recent-term record! Great job Kellon and Toastmasters!

During our business meeting it was announced that our club will continue to meet virtually through the month of May. In addition, one of our club coaches (Patrick) offered to donate a brand new 32″ tv to our club deals! Thank you Patrick! Club deals are part of an ongoing fundraiser of products an services donated to our club – these items are for sale in our club and the proceeds go to our club reserves.

12 members attended the meeting, thank you all for spending your Tuesday evening with us!