Erin knows potatoes. And the rest of us learned a lot about this versatile, useful, delicious root vegetable that is also a big piece of world history. Erin did a great job with her first time leading the whole meeting at Toastmaster!

Arnav gave an interesting speech about the value of data versus anecdotes in the corporate world. He did a fantastic job of outlining his analysis in terms which were easy to understand, even for a non-data analyst 🙂 Diana piggybacked onto Arnav’s topic and led the debate with the question of whether it is better to make decisions based on data or based on anecdotes in the context of personal decisions like online shopping, home contractors, wireless services, potato preparation method, etc.

Miguel gave his Ice Breaker speech, and did an excellent job of introducing himself to the club in his first official speech! We learned a bit about Miguel’s leadership aspirations and interest in history.

Shola led our Table Topics session with thoughtful and interesting questions like: “What is the biggest mistake you’ve made in the kitchen?”, “Who is the most boring fictional character?”, “What is something others take seriously that you think they shouldn’t?”, and “What is a childish thing you still enjoy doing?”.

We had 14 attendees with 2 guests. Thank you all for attending during the busy holiday season, and for your engagement and participation!