Pick Your Toastmasters Pathway


Miguel was our Toastmaster and led with an educational session titled “Pick Your Toastmasters Pathway.” Miguel gave us insight into the Pathways program, giving information about the paths members can choose from and how to navigate the website. There are 11 pathways Toastmasters members can choose from, and new members have access to one free pathway. The 11 paths include: Dynamic Leadership; Effective Coaching; Engaging Humor; Innovative Planning; Leadership Development; Motivational Strategies; Persuasive Influence; Presentation Mastery; Strategic Relationships; Team Collaboration; and Visionary Communication.

Miguel also discussed his role as Vice President of Education and how he can help members progress with their speeches and navigate the Pathways program. His role can be thought of as a gatekeeper, helping members achieve goals at their own pace, helping them navigate the website if needed, and approving level increases.

Kellon gave our first speech of the evening. His was a fun speech about why he loves college football season. Kellon gave us an image of the parts of college football season that make it so exciting, including the tailgating, food, passion, school pride, sense of identity, the fight song, and rivalries.

Kevin gave the second speech of the evening titled, “Why am I like this?” Kevin took an assessment on his leadership styles and found out where his strengths and weaknesses were. His strongest points were in the democratic and pacesetting styles, while the leadership styles that were the least like him were the bureaucratic and authoritative styles. Kevin provided his audience with a visual of what the different leadership styles are. His speech was introspective in tone, noting his personal traits and how those align with what he scored highly in, and how he can strike a balance with the styles that are less like him.

Jamie led the debate session with the question of, “Is virtual learning or in-person learning better?” Team A argued for virtual learning, while Team B argued for in-person learning. The virtual learning team won the debate.

During the business meeting it was announced that Toastmasters is collaborating with Rotary International, and that rotary members are invited to our club specifically.

Our word of the day was circumspect, an adjective, as in a cautious person or one who does not take risks.

There were 12 attendees, including one guest. Thank you for joining!