Personality: October 3, 2017

After President Christa called the meeting to order, members and guests were asked to introduce themselves by answering the question, “What do people normally tell you about your personality?” She then introduced the Toastmaster Ben, who then introduced the meeting’s theme, “Personality”. Ben is a counselor by profession. During the course of the meeting, he discussed a concept of personality based on five variables and the levels of each in a persons personality: extroversion, openness, agreeableness, conscientiousness, and neuroticism.

Speaker Jessica spoke about “Cyberchondria”, doing project 2 from the Entertaining Speaker manual. Her advice to listeners was not to be alarmed by the worst-case scenario when researching on the internet about any ailment you may be feeling at the moment. Katie gave an impromptu speech. She discussed her experiences being a tall woman. Both speakers graciously took on the assignments on short notice: Jessica a short time before the meeting, Katie during the meeting.

In the debate, Debate Master Christa asked the Pro side to argue that extroverts are better leaders and the Con side to argue that introverts are the better ones. Table Topics Master Margaret asked responders to answer a variety of questions generally related to the subject of personality.

Best Speaker Jessica
Best Evaluator Katie
Best Table Topic Speaker Marie
Debate Winner “Con”
WOTD Winner Jessica