Pathways Tips


Diana led with a theme of “Pathways Tips”. Pathways is the educational curriculum with Toastmasters. It offers 11 separate areas of learning and development and is designed to align to each members individuals goals with their Toastmasters journey. Each Pathways is comprised of 5 levels which each contain at least 14 project including a combination of required and elective projects. During tonight’s meeting, Diana provided an overview of how to navigate the Pathways curriculum and how to view additional information about Pathways.

Erin was our first speaker and gave a fascinating speech about retaining walls. Attendees came away knowing more about how retaining walls. Erin did a great job of explaining highly technical engineering concepts using language that was easily understood by people unfamiliar with the civil engineering. We had a good round table session providing both positive and supportive constructive feedback.

Patrice gave a valuable speech on giving evaluations. A big part of Toastmasters is giving and receiving evaluations on speech preparation and delivery. Patrick provided 5 key tools to use in giving meaningful, usable, and supportive feedback.

Charlie led our Table Topics activity and invited several guest and members to answer thoughtfully prepared questions within a 1-2min timeframe. This activity provides meeting attendees with the opportunity to practice impromptu speaking which is valuable for many contexts.

Patrice won our speech contest. And one or our newest members, Sarah, won our Table Topics contest!

We had 19 attendees with 5 guests. Thank you all for attending!