New Year’s: January 9, 2018

The theme of the meeting being “New Year’s. During the meeting that followed Toastmaster Megan told about various New Year’s traditions and how they originated. Debate master Mitch focused on the tradition of resolutions. He asked the Pro side to argue that the better resolutions are to decide to do something and the Con side to argue it is better to decide to stop doing something. Hannah led the Table Topics Session.

Speaker Bridie did Project 4, in the CC Manual, How to Say It. The title was “RAMROD: Conquering the Last Climb”. In her speech she talked about her experience cycling in the event, “Ride Around Mt. Rainier in One Day.” She spoke powerfully of personal goals she accomplished. During the business meeting it was announced the Club would have a fund-raising auction on February 13.

Best Speaker Bridie
Best Evaluator Mark
Best Table Topic Speaker Chris
Debate Winner Pro
WOTD Winner Bridie