New Year, New Space!


We kicked off the new year in our new space! The space is quite different form our last space. The new space is an executive board room in the Greenwood Masonic Lodge. We have a standard 6-person meeting table in the center of a room lined with cushy chairs and a fireplace! We will settle in quickly and find the optimal set up for our group.

Diana was our Toastmaster for the evening, her theme was New Year Resolutions; she cover history, typical resolutions, success rates, and alternatives to making resolutions. Patrice gave a great speech about goal setting, complete with worksheet and exercise.

Arnav hosted Table Topics with questions like: In thinking back, what one change would you make in your life? Is it okay to lie? What historic event would you have liked to witness? Is it better to fly or to be invisible? We heard great answers which included the benefits of being able to fly and about how the Super Sonics should return to Seattle.

Harry led our debate with two teams arguing cases for either setting large, challenging, aspirational goals versus for setting small, incremental, “easy” goals.

Thank you to our 16 members with 6 guests for joining and participating!

Next up: Open House scheduled for 1/14 where we will learn about the Toastmasters organization and the Pathways educational curriculum. (EDIT: Open house was moved to 1/21 due to weather)