Modeling a Pandemic


Louise was our Toastmaster and discussed some of the various approaches, elements, and challenges involved in modelling data related to a pandemic.

Kellon gave a prepared speech: “The Art of BBQ”, which was a follow on to the impromptu speech he gave last week about his work. Doing speeches in back to back meetings is a great way to practice incorporating feedback. This also satisfied a level one project for each Pathway where you give 2 speeches in consecutive meetings to practice this skill. Kellon did an excellent job of incorporating feedback from the unplanned meeting last week into this week’s planned speech. He outlined the definition, history, styles (Memphis, Carolina, KC, Texas, Alabama). He closed with an outline of things to consider and tips on bbq’ing at home: 3 smoker styles (wood burning, gas, electric), wood choices (cherry, pecan, maple, apple, mesquite, hickory), using lighter/sweeter woods for chicken, pork, and cook at 200-250 degrees. Ribs: 4 hours. Brisket: 10-12 hours.

Jamie led our debate about whether or not the U.S. should provide universal healthcare. This is timely given the state of medical coverage related to the pandemic. Both sides did well arguing for positions that they may or may not have agreed with, including one guest calling in from Canada.

Dave led Table Topics with questions related to the pandemic including: during the covid stay-home order what have you noticed around your neighborhood that is either new or previously unnoticed? are you nervous about getting covid19? what do you think the impact to the economy will be with or without movement restrictions lifted?

Miguel provided our word of the day. Interminable is an adjective meaning endless

We had 13 attendees with 2 guests. Thank you everyone for spending your Tuesday evening online with us!