On the Farm: September 26, 2017

At the opening of the meeting attendees introduced themselves introduced themselves answering the question, “What is your favorite fall activity.

Toastmaster Dave selected the theme “On the Farm”, based on a number of farms in the local area that open up to the public to present such features and activities as duck races, pig races, other animals, corn mazes, hay mazes, bakeries, pony rides, and other attractions. Such farms include The Farm at Swan’s Trail, between Everett and Snohomish, and Remlinger Farms, near Carnation. Dave specifically mentioned the corn maze at Swan’s Trail, which is specifically configured as a map of the State of Washington.

Speaker Katie gave a speech, from Project 9 of the CC Manual, titled “Blind Dates” in which she gave reasons why a blind date is not a good idea. Speaker Mitch, in his speech “Getting the Edge”, gave a research report on several types of steroid drugs, explaining the effects of each and some reasons why they have those effects. There was only one speech evaluator, Margaret, who evaluated Katie’s speech. We were unable to find an evaluator for Mitch’s speech, so others at the meeting joined to give him a round robin evaluation.

Best Speaker Mitch
Best Evaluator Margaret
Best Table Topic Speaker Kenneth
Debate Winner “Pro”