Managing Change


The theme for this meeting was Managing Change. While all experience change in various aspects of our lives, we can positively influence the process and impact of change. Diana kicked off the meeting with introductions asking everyone to think about a change they’ve experienced in the last year. Some members brought up changes in their personal lives, others brought up professional changes. The theme was most centered around change as it related to professional lives as in companies and work teams.

Morhaf Al Achkar, both a family doctor and a stage IV lung cancer patient, gave a thoughtful and moving speech about his experience writing a book. His book highlights personal experiences of 40 lung cancer patients. Morhaf described his objectives in the endeavor of writing and shared some of his learnings.

Charlie led our debate about whether it is better to prepare for change with meticulous planning or to deal with change as it comes and “go with the flow”. After a lively and entertaining debate, the laid back side won the argument.

Erin led Table Topics where people had 1-2min to answer questions such as: What are you bored of? What job would you like ot try for one week? What have you learned in the past week? What is your favorite winter holiday, and why?

In addition to our agenda, we also inducted one new member. Welcome Shola!

We had 15 attendees with 4 guests. Thank you all for joining us and for your participation!