Journey through the Solar System


Miguel did an excellent job in his first time leading our Toastmasters meeting! He brought an original and interesting topic and took us on an informative walk through our solar system. Each section of his meeting was made even more visually engaging as he changed his background on the call to align to each planet he discussed. Great job Miguel!

Jamie gave a speech about her experience fostering a dog during the pandemic. She covered the various aspects of qualifying to be a pet foster parent, the process, and ultimately the decision to adopt her foster dog. It was so fun to hear about her experience and she did a great job of educating the audience on the topic and also weaving in storytelling skills with her personal experience. Thanks Jamie!

Tim was our Debate master and asked the on-theme question: does other celestial life exist, or are the being on planet earth the only life form? Creative, convincing, and entertaining arguments ensued on both sides. Thanks for the interesting debate topic, Tim!

Diana was our Table Topics master and asked an array of questions including these: 1) Imagine that you are a mirror, now describe a day in your life. 2) If you could take the place of one of your family members or friends for one week, who would it be and why? 3) What is the best space movie? 4) If you had to wear a button but you could choose what 5 words it said, what would those words be? 5) What attraction should everyone see at least once in their life?

Molly provided our word of the day > Celestial is an adjective meaning positioned in or relating to the sky, or outer space as observed in astronomy.

We had 8 attendees and no guests. Thank you all for attending!