Molly led our meeting with a theme of: Japan. We learned a lot about Japan including geography, cities to consider visiting, and cultural facts.

One of our guests, Laura, volunteered to do an impromptu speech! She did a great job of overviewing and sparking interest in “The Happiness Movement”. In addition to evaluating personal happiness, the movement relates to the shift that some countries are making to focus as much or more on Gross National Happiness and Gross National Product. More info about the movement can be found here and you can take a related survey here. Linus did a great job with his first evaluation and gave Laura great feedback including a couple of suggestions.

Shola did a great job with her first time leading Table Topics with several interesting questions including: What is the purpose of small talk? What do you think is the most surprising thing about American culture? What one piece of technology would you give up if you could? Our guest, Liz, won with her answer to the question about what is most surprising about American culture, which is that a surprisingly high percentage of Americans have not traveled beyond 100 miles from where they were born.

Diana led our debate with the question of “When travelling internationally, is it better to visit big cities or small towns?”. The team arguing for small towns won.

We had light attendance, likely due to the holiday season, with only 8 attendees (2 guests). Thank you all for joining us and for your participation!