Halloween With Mitch: October 31, 2017

In line with the theme, “Halloween with Mitch” Toastmaster Mitch commented during the meeting on his own impression and experiences that October 31 holiday. Meanwhile, speaker Dave spoke about an event of October 31, 1517 in a speech titled “The 500th Anniversary”. Dave focused on the founder of the Reformation, Martin Luther, who started the Reformation on that date. His project was from manual project 7, “Research Your Topic”. The other speaker, Tamsen gave her Icebreaker Speech. Her title was “The Human Crescent Cookie, or Under the Red Alder”. She spoke of her adventure of braving the high-dive at Seattle’s Green Lake, while in the process giving other Chamber Clubbers of her larger outlook on life. Debate Master Ben assigned the Pro Side to argue that Adults like Halloween and the Cons to argue that it is children who do so.

Best Speaker Tamsen
Best Evaluator Hannah
Best Table Topic Speaker Ben
Debate Winner Pro
WOTD Winner Tamsen