Gone to Maui


Dave, our 20+ year club member, led our meeting tonight with a theme about Maui. He is heading to vacation in Maui soon and took the opportunity to share facts and insights he has gathered in preparation for his trip. Have a great time in Maui, Dave!

We did not have a speaker at this meeting and instead Miguel led an extended round of Table Topics. Every attendee got a Table Topic which created a great atmosphere of participation and inclusion in the meeting. Miguel’s questions spanned a range of interesting topics including:

  • What is your favorite hidden gem in Seattle?
  • Is Valentine’s day cheesy or romantic?
  • What is your favorite way to eat chooolate?
  • What is your favorite Washington state destination?
  • What impractical car would you buy if given the opportunity?
  • Would you prefer to visit Alaska or Hawaii?
  • What is your perfect utopia?
  • What is the most amazing weather you’ve even experienced?
  • Choose a previously answered question and answer it

The answer to the question about perfect utopia was particularly entertaining. Erin outlined a backyard utopia complete with a pizza oven which doubles as a hottub which neighbors a loofah garden.

Jamie, one of our newest club members, led our debate with an on-theme topic from recent Hawaiian news about protests related to proposed installation of a large telescope on Mauna Kea.

It was a smaller group with only 9 attendees but it was great to have so much participation in meeting activities. Thank you all for attending!