Harry led our meeting with a theme of Freemasonry. We learned history and facts about the Freemasons. This theme is particularly relevant to our club because we recently moved our club meetings to a Masonic lodge! We meet in a lovely room with a big board room table and chairs, cushy chairs, a couch, and a fireplace! The room decor includes many artifacts and photos that depict history and membership details of the Masonice organization that runs the lodge.

Patrice ran a great mini workshop on how to develop a short speech in just a few minutes. We all had the opportunity to work on a speech and a couple of volunteers even delivered their newly created speeches!

Diana was our Table Topics master and asked great questions related to clubs and organizations. One of the most entertaining answers was to the question “what unusual topic would you create a club for?” The answer was a club that involved building and enjoying small fires (in the form of campfires and fireplace fires).

Kellon led our debate with a topic about the recent legislative bill in California related to college athletes making money from the use of their likeness in marketing.

Thank you to everyone for attending!