Food Holidays of April


Diana led our meeting and decided on a light theme in the midst of the pandemic, she talked about holidays in April related to food. These holidays covered a wide arrays of foods including April celebrations of: burritos, peanut butter & jelly, beer, garlic, pretzels, grilled cheese, and raisins.

One of our newer members volunteered to give an impromptu speech and did a fantastic job giving a 5-7 minute product and service overview about his company. We normally have member give prepared speeches, but we didn’t have anyone lined up for this meeting and if we had not known it was impromptu we would never have known that he had just a few minutes to prepare!

Kellon did double duty and was also our debate master for the evening and asked the ever-controversial question: Star Wars or Star Trek? The arguments were creative and convincing on both sides which is impressively considering that people are assigned which side they will be debating. This means that sometimes a person must argue the exact opposite of their opinion on the debate topic.

Patrice was our Table Topics master and asked several fun questions from a party game. These questions gave folks the opportunity to provide a description answer in 1-2 minutes of a variety of thought-provoking topics.

Bill provided our word of the day which was related to our theme. “Paschal” is an adjective meaning related to Easter or Jewish Passover.

Thank you to the 9 attendees and 2 guests for joining us virtually!