Feng Shui: October 10, 2017

Toastmaster Hannah designated “Feng Shui” as the theme of the meeting. She described it as a philosophical approach that can be used to design the space that a person lives in. During the meeting she discussed practical methods to put Feng Shui into practice.

Both main speakers drew from Project 6 of the Competent Communication manual, “Vocal Variety”. Chris spoke on “The Evils of Dry Cleaning”. He discussed the environmental hazards presented by chemicals commonly used for dry cleaning. Christa’s speech was titled “BFF” (Best Friends Forever). She spoke about a good friend from childhood. She told us that she recently reconnected with that friend by way of Facebook.

For a change of pace, Toastmaster Hannah introduced us to a game of “Salad Bowl”. The “salad” consisted of 3 pieces of paper tossed into a hat by each person present. Each person wrote the name of an item or concept on each piece of paper. Someone then drew a piece of paper and used description or pantomime to prompt everybody else to guess what was written on the paper. Everybody had fun with this.