Explorers in History


Miguel led tonight’s meeting with the theme Explorers in History. He took us on a fascinating journey that included explorations from the ancient Paleo-Indians, who first migrated to America some 25,000-40,000 years ago, to Christopher Columbus, to Captain Cook, a British explorer from the mid-18th century who drafted up some of the first detailed maps of many unexplored parts of the world. Miguel also discussed the Antarctic explorers of the 1820s, and talked about space explorers John Glenn and Alan Shepard, who reached space and orbited the Earth, and Neil Armstrong, the first person to reach the moon. 

Harry was our first speaker for the evening, giving a speech titled “Volunteering at Toastmasters.” Harry presented the audience with a question, “What does a Toastmaster executive team do?,” and outlined some of his early experiences with Toastmasters. He talked about the benefits of being an executive team member, and then delved into the specific duties of both the VP Membership role and the VP of Public Relations role. Harry concluded by saying being on the executive team is similar to being a member, with added benefits, and gave insight into what being an officer might be like. 

Bill gave a second speech for the evening titled, “How I Found My Dog.” Bill started his speech by stating the different ways a person can get a dog, such as through a rescue organization, a breeder, or the pet store. Bill talked about his desire to get a dog again after battling an illness, but encountered some obstacles, before finally finding his dog Maggie in Northeast Washington. Yay for Maggie! 

Lionel led Table Topics with a series of questions related to history or inventions They included: 

  • What’s the most important discovery/invention?
  • What is your favorite piece of history?
  • If you could invent anything what would it be?
  • Was Christopher Columbus a hero or a villain?
  • What are your thoughts on Space Force? Do we need it or not?

Our word of the day was eolian, meaning born, deposited, produced or eroded by the wind. 

We had 9 members and 2 guests in attendance. Thank you all for participating!