Demos. And Grit.


Louise did an excellent job of leading our meeting with a theme of “How to do Demos”. One might even say she “demo’ed” how to be a Toastmaster! Some of her key tips included the importance of preparation for the demo, practice with slides/logins/materials, and contingency plans for things like equipment malfunction, absence of key attendees, etc. She also mentioned how to be patience and specific with instruction, and to watch your audience for signals that they are “getting” the material. It was a relevant and useful topic for our meeting theme!

Harry gave a great long speech as his FINAL project to complete his Pathway: Presentation Mastery! His speech was titled “What Makes People Successful”. It was a 20 min discussion with an activity about the book Grit, by Angela Duckworth. He explored the approach and application to the research outlined in the book, facilitated an self-assessment exercise, and wrapped up with key takeaways to help drive success including:

  • Find what you love
  • Practice with intention
  • Have a purpose
  • Maintain a growth and learning mindset

Jamie led our debate with a fun question about whether skydiving or basejumping is better. Strong arguments were made on both sides related to risk, enjoyment, and cost effeciency. It was a tie!

Shola led Table Topics with interesting questions including: tell us about the last time you tried something new (answer: analyzing water health for a marijuana farm), what activities make you lose track of time (answer: anything that provokes thought like reading, movies, good conversation), and what make you smile everyday (answer: grand nephew)?

Business Meeting topics:

  • Renewal update
  • Planning for club get together in the next few week in lieu of a regular meeting
  • Three new members finalized their applications and will be officially inducted at the next meeting!

We had 15 attendees with 2 guests. Thank you all for your participation!