CCL (Crazy Cat Lady): January 16, 2018

The theme of the meeting, CCL, stood for “crazy cat lady”. Toastmaster Lauren, who likes cats, discussed a number of facts about cats during the course of the meeting. Members introduced themselves at the outset of the meeting while answering the question, “Do you consider yourself a dog person or a cat person?”

Speaker Tamsen did Project 3 in the basic manual, Get to the Point. Her title was “Tak, tak, tak: Filler Words and Why We Can’t Quit Them”. She talked about why we use them, their effects good and bad, and ideas for speakers to control their use. Louise volunteered to fill in as a second speaker with an impromptu speech. Her title was “Moving Forward in Bend, Oregon”. She discussed her recent time working in Bend, Oregon. She said the culture in Bend is different from Seattle, being much less ethnically diverse than here.

Best Speaker Tamsen
Best Evaluator Katie
Best Table Topic Speaker Cory
Debate Winner Con
WOTD Winner Tamsen