Bad Santas: December 19, 2017

With the theme of the meeting being “Bad Santas”, members introduced themselves at the start of the meeting by answering the question, “What is your most memorable experience with Santa Claus?” During the meeting that followed Toastmaster Louise told stories interesting about people in the role of Santa doing illegal, inappropriate, or unconventional things – all construable as being a bad Santa.

Speaker Bridie did Project 3, in the CC Manual, Get to the Point. The title was “OH + IO+PNW, toasting what we have in common”. Her speech was about her background being born and raised in Ohio, while considering things that that part of the country has in common with the Pacific Northwest, where she lives now. She mentioned Ohio’s maritime connections via Cleveland and the the St. Lawrence Seaway, as well as her home states well-known entrepreneurs.

During the business meeting Molly was inducted into the club after being unanimously approved by a vote of members. The Debate Session was led by Dave. The proposition for debate was “We should remove Santa Claus from our Christmas celebrations”. Ben led the Table Topics Session.

Best Speaker Bridie
Best Evaluator Mitch
Best Table Topic Speaker Ahmed
Debate Winner Pro
WOTD Winner Bridie