Ask Anything


Diana led tonight with a theme of “Ask Anything”. This is a modification of a theme used in the past where attendees ask the Toastmaster of the evening any question. Tonight questions were written and placed in a jar by the Toastmaster and then posed to attendees for 1-2 min answered. There was a wide away of questions ranging from topics such as favorite country and food preferences to what would you tell your younger self to how would you handle a zombie apocalypse. Patrick did a humorous and vivid speech about exploring contents of an outdated but full refridgerator. Results of the debate informed us that, without a doubt, the beach is better than the mountains.

Harry did a fun project designed to help practice managing difficult audience members. 4 attendees were chosen to play different “heckler” roles and got to interrupt, argue, and otherwise challenge Harry during his informative speech about rock climbing styles and adventures. Harry did a great job managing those planted, difficult audience members.

We had 11 attendees, and we inducted 3 new members! Congratulations to Sarah, Linus, and Suzy on launching your Toastmasters journey!