2021 Goals


Harry was our Toastmaster with a theme of “2021 Goals.” Harry presented his topic by stating to the group, “Name at least one goal for 2021.” Answers ranged from Toastmasters goals to career-oriented goals to health goals and more. Harry used a jar analogy, where big rocks in the jar represent big goals and pebbles represent secondary goals. He talked about how it’s most important to focus on the big goals (big rocks), and then focus on secondary goals (pebbles), as you can move around the secondary goals (pebbles). Harry also talked about how to set a good goal using the SMART method. Using the SMART acronym, good goals are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely. Harry selected a couple of members from our group to talk about their goals from the introductions and how they might work on them/achieve them using the SMART method.


Diana gave a speech from her dynamic leadership pathway titled, “Leading in Any Situation.” She gave our group PowerPoint slides to visually guide us through the points she discussed. Diana first talked about her experiences as a leader professionally, as part of the Toastmasters club and personally. For example, her professional leadership experiences include program management, team management, coaching/mentoring and teaching/education. Her Toastmasters leadership experiences include serving as club president and treasurer as well as shared roles, and her personal experiences include things such as fundraising, running club, group travel and managing a toddler, among others. Diana talked about how she receive a 360-degree review/feedback from fellow peers. The review highlighted strengths (as well as possible downsides) and challenges Of Diana’s leadership style. For example, Diana’s strengths included affiliative (collaboration/teamwork), coaching and altruistic styles, while challenges for her were authority or bureaucratic styles. Other strengths that Diana has as a leader are that she is emotionally intelligent, adaptable, a strong communicator and is operationally effective. Her areas of weakness include delegating, authority, and giving negative feedback. Diana wrapped up her speech by talking about how she might improve as a leader. These improvements could take place by being introspective, considering the team and environment, and setting values.


Chloe led our debate with the question of “Is buying a house or renting a house better in the Seattle area?” Team A argued for buying a house, while Team B argued renting a house is better in Seattle. Team A won the debate.


Miguel led the Table Topics session with three questions, asked to a person of his choice. That person had 1-2 minutes to answer the question. Miguel’s questions included: 1) Tell us about a New Years resolution that you kept; 2) What is something you are happy or grateful for in 2020?; and 3) What is a favorite New Years Eve tradition you have?


Harry had two announcements to make during the business meeting. First, he wanted to welcome Tim as our new club treasurer, and Chloe as new VP of Public Relations. Secondly, he mentioned that there will be MELE trainings available for club officers in January.


Kevin was our General Evaluator for the evening. His team included:

1) Bill – as Speech Evaluator for Diana’s speech about her leadership style

2) Molly – as Timer

3) Miguel – as our Ah/Mute Counter

4) Heather – as our WOTD/grammarian. Her word of the day was “antediluvian,” meaning made, evolved or developed a long time ago.

We had 12 total attendees, including two guests. Thanks so much for participating!