Meeting Notes, 3/21/2017; Theme: Podcasts

Tonight’s meeting was well-attended, with 19 members and three guests. Bob served as our toastmaster, with the theme of “Podcasts.” The Question of the Day, “Do you listen to podcasts?” revealed that about half of those in attendance listen to podcasts regularly. Bob shared podcast trivia, anecdotes, and recommendations. There were three speakers this evening.

Tina delivered project no. 3 (Get to the point), “With an Open Heart and an Open Mind, Anything is Possible.” Tina is preparing for a 90-minute presentation on Quantum Hypnosis she’ll be delivering soon at East West Bookshop. Tina shared several personal stories, and introduced quantum hypnotherapy as a method of harnessing the innate healing ability within. If you are interested in attending Tina’s full presentation, find more information here. Tina’s speech was evaluated by Ben.

Adam gave the second speech, project no. 2 (Organize your speech), “Don’t be deceived by the numbers.” He presented several scenarios where statistics can be presented in a misleading manner to manipulate perception. This technique is commonly used in advertising and many forms of reporting. Adam stressed the importance of looking at statistics objectively, and always considering the intent of the party presenting the data. Adam won the best speaker award for the evening. Louise won best evaluator for her critique of Adam’s speech.

Ram gave the final speech of the evening, project no. 4 (How to say it), “Are we solving the right problem?” Ram discussed the importance of approaching challenges and conflicts from different perspectives. Sometimes a simple solution can be found from simply looking at the issue from another angle. I was Ram’s evaluator.

Dave P. led the debate, arguing preferences for podcasts over DVDs for information and entertainment. The Podcast team won.

Jeremy led table topics. Guest Katie was the winner, discussing her fitness goals and penchant for making lists.

Nigel presented the word of the day, “Equanimity.” Ram won the prize for using the word twice in his prepared speech.

We inducted three new members this evening: Mike, Scott, and Margarita. Welcome to our club!

I am looking forward to being toastmaster next week, with the theme, “A Night at the Opera.” For the first half of the meeting I will share some fun facts about the history of opera, and protocol for attending opera. In the second half, I will discuss rock band Queen’s classic 1975 album entitled “A Night at the Opera.”


DUES: It’s time to pay! Semi-annual dues are paid in March and September, so please pay up by the end of the month. $70, checks payable to Chamber Club 540 and delivered to Mitch. He will also accept cash or paypal.

OFFICER RECRUITMENT: Our current officers’ terms will be ending in June, and we are looking for capable and dedicated members that would like to step up to the plate and contribute to the leadership of our club. If you are interested in serving as an officer for the next term, please speak to any officer, and we can discuss which position might best suit you. Having an effective slate of officers is vital to the health of our club, so please consider serving in this capacity.

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